Chassis Repair

Chassis repairs are one of the key speciality areas handled by AUTOTRUST Service Team. We are well equipped with most sophisticated chassis and vehicle alignment equipment like Car-O-Liner etc. Be it a Sedan, SUV or Commercial Vehicle we will ensure the Chassis repair is done to manufacturer’s specifications.

 A key innovation to auto safety in the last few decades is the crumple zone. Crumple zones are areas of a vehicle that are designed to crumple and crush in a collision, absorbing some of the impact’s energy from being transmitted to you and your passengers.  The crumple zones result in less fatalities to people, but they also mean more damage to vehicles in low speed collisions. Even if you don’t think your accident was severe enough to cause chassis damage. Our trained technicians are able to measure chassis alignment to determine if any chassis damage has been caused. At AUTOTRUST your vehicle is in safe hands


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