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CEAT is a leading tyre brand in India, manufactured by reputed RPG Group. CEAT isn’t just a tyre, it’s a symbol of safety and trust. With 3 state-of-the-art manufacturing units and markets in over 115 countries the brand is the largest exporter from India.

CEAT has a rich portfolio with wide range of tyres for commercial segments like Trucks, Buses, Light Commercial Vehicles as well as Passenger Cars and is the OEM for most of the leading automotive brands in India.

CEAT Radial Tyres were introduced to the UAE aftermarket in 2011. AWRostamani is the exclusive distributor of CEAT Radial Tyres in UAE.

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Amaron Batteries

Amaron is a brand that revolutionized battery technology in India, introducing the zero-maintenance battery to a generation long used to ‘topping up’. It’s no surprise that Amaron, which uses technology from Johnson Controls Inc., the World No 1, is one of India’s top-selling battery brands today. Amaron is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified and conforms to Six Sigma standards.

To date, nearly 30 million Amaron batteries have been sold worldwide. Amaron is the only automotive battery that offers a 20-month warranty in the UAE

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Think of a Formula One car blazing its way down a track, and chances are you’ll recall seeing an Elf logo on it! This iconic brand of lubricants has long been associated with motorsports – a perfect match for the innovative, cutting-edge technology behind its products.

However diminutive its name, this brand from Total stands tall in its category. Elf ‘s product range includes Petrol Engine Oil, Diesel Engine Oil, Brake Fluid, Automatic Transmission Fluid, Hydraulic Oil & Greases.

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Fortron Automotive Treatment

Superior engine performance is the difference between a good car and a great car. And the Fortron range of specialized automotive treatment products and training services, nurtures great performance. Fortron premium products are engine-friendly, cleaning, lubricating and providing a high degree of protection to every component. Through innovation and an ongoing commitment to R&D, Fortron has diversified into other products and services to meet market, environmental and safety demands.

Not only does Fortron provide customers with a value-added service, it gives Dealerships an additional business opportunity as well. This formula for success has worked wonders, with Fortron products being distributed throughout Australia and exported to 14 countries including the Asia-Pacific region, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Not surprisingly, this innovator has made the right association with the right partner.

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X-cool Tinting Films

Some brands have the ‘X’ factor, and X-cool leads the pack. An exciting range of automotive window films in modern colors and shades to match the latest factory tints, X-cool adds a stylish, sophisticated look to vehicles. X-cool provides high-tech metalized and sputtered metal automotive films for vehicles with total solar energy rejection up to 60%. Which simply means, less strain on your car’s AC. The 99%+UV block prevents damage from harmful radiation while ensuring that the fabrics and trim do not fade. X-cool has a special spectrally selective windscreen film that reduces heat, UV and glare without interfering with GPS signals.

It is important to note that with all the protection and style it offers, X-cool does not compromise on optical clarity. X-cool is a 100% genuine product of the USA, and is a symbol of quality at affordable price with 5 year warranty.

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