The specialized Body and Paint team of AUTOTRUST excels in restoring vehicles to the pre-accident condition using the latest technology, equipment, tools and methods according to the guidelines established by the manufacturers.

AUTOTRUST is The First and Right Choice for Consumers in Every Segment like :-

  • Insurance companies
  • Insurance Brokers
  • Corporates
  • Rent-a-Car / Taxi Operators
  • Every single Car owner

Offering Both :-

  • Agency Repairs for new Cars at attractive prices with Agency like Quality
  • Non Agency Repairs for older cars at attractive prices with Agency like Quality.

AUTORUST offers the following Services and Repairs with all jobs done in line with repair / replacement guidelines of the vehicle manufacturer.

Body Works

Chassis Repair

Small Dents / Scratches

Panels Repairs / Replacements

Windshield / Glass Repairs & Replacements

All Panels and metallic parts including Chassis are repaired / replaced in a manner not to comprise the tensile strength and in-built safety features

Parts that affect the safety of the vehicle and the driver / passengers are specially taken care off.

Passive Safety Features

Crumple Zones

Air Bags

Seat Restraint System

Active Safety Features

Collision Warning Systems

Lane Departure Warning Systems

Electronic Stability Control

Welding where necessary is carried out exactly as recommended by the manufacturers.


Painting of damaged areas

Color change of vehicles

Paint protection / Enamel Coating

Painting done only in Paint Booths

Paint mixing and color matching done using the computerized paint mixing machines and color codes of the manufacturer.