AW Rostamani Group

As a family owned business that was set up in Dubai, UAE, in the early 50s, it gives us great pride to be part of the fastest growing metropolis in the world, and to have witnessed and contributed to its astounding transformation.

Along with the nation, we have grown to become one of the most progressive and innovative business houses in the region, and a beacon for excellence in the Middle East and beyond.

Our portfolio of 14 companies includes leading multinational brands in seven diverse sectors: automotive, real estate and construction, retail, logistics, information technology, travel and consultancy. At the centre of our team of over 4,000 professionals from around the world, is a culture that celebrates our diversity, and core values of Excellence, Integrity and Commitment that define us as a group.

Our role in the development and sustainability of the country and its people is of the utmost importance to us. It is our on-going mission to make a real difference to our customers, employees, partners and stakeholders, and add real value to the nation’s ambitious growth.

We do this through a three-pronged strategy: competitive-pricing and superior service, listening to what customers and partners really want from our products and services, and finally, adapting to meet those needs.

This approach has enabled us to mirror the growth of the country, and embrace change and development with resolve and vigour. Strengthened by our core values, it has guided us along the path to distinction and helped us reinforce our standing as a dynamic business house that enriches lives.


  • 1800 Customers Service their cars at AW Rostamani Service Centres Everyday
  • 5500 Customers drive Leased Vehicles from AW Rostamani Everyday
  • 2,500,000sq feet of Residence and Commercial Space

Brands Represented by AW Rostamani Group

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Careers at AW Rostamani Group

We are continually seeking dynamic and motivated individuals to join our organisation at all levels across the sectors of Automotive, Real Estate & Construction, Retail, Logistics, Information Technology, Travel, and Consultancy and Training. We also look for talent in fields like Luminaries, Finance, Management/Business Consulting, Sales, and a host of back-end support.

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